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Karima Sundrani is a Swiss designer of fine jewelry. Her company, based in Zurich, crafts gorgeous jewelry from all natural stones and precious metals. When creating this identity, we needed to instantly define a luxury brand that was new to the market. The crown mark is loosely based on a jewelry setting that the client described as being one of her favorite pieces. We have produced packaging, direct mail pieces, trade show booths, HTML emails, and all kinds of printed collateral for Sundrani.

This web site is completely administrable by the client through the custom-designed database. The text on every page - in each of the three languages - is included in the admin area. The entire inventory is also uploaded and maintained by the client, including the structure of the collections. An extremely simple, Sundrani-branded interface allows the client to upload photos, add prices, descriptions, and relevant information about the stones and metals in every piece of jewelry on the site. One click is all it takes to hide an item from public view when it sells out, and then display it again when new inventory arrives. The mailing list signups, retail stores, and live events are also stored in the database, to be added, deleted or modified as the company grows.

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